No greater sound was ever made
Than when your lips upon me played
Nor silence broken so complete
Than when you held me close and sweet.

Does earth a greater force contain?
The answer, love, is ever plain:
Unbridled power such as this
Is mastered only by your kiss.

– Theresa DeMeo

The Kiss


…lips, tremulously parting
hearts, thrashing wings of panic
eyes closed against the onslaught
every nerve a thrumming wire

holding back, a sweeter torture
heed the pull or be destroyed
words trail away to murmurs,
to the lover’s ardent sighs

earth falls away, unconscious
time shuns her stately cadence
years fill a breathless moment
moves like lightning, feels like dying…


Theresa DeMeo


  Let me lavish upon you A shower of roses, A kiss of the honeycomb Concealed in each blossom. Let me fully indulge you In sylvan abundance, Beneath cool, green shadows Of cypress and balsam. Let me fashion around you … Continue reading

Make A Wish


If I have regrets, it's not over anything I did
But all I might have done differently.
I'm not sure I listened to you long or well enough
If I always gave you what you needed. What you wished for.

I regret there were times I rushed you off the phone.
Times the conversation threatened to run aground
In hostile territory. Capsize in treacherous waters.
When I saw it turning fruitless, fractious and bitter.

I loved those glimmers of you that were funny or wise
Or that empathized with tough situations
But they hurt, too. They tantalized with what might have been.
They underscored the rarity of those lucid intervals.

It would have been your birthday today. Are you happy?
Do you still get to make a wish? Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
Blow out the candles.

-Theresa DeMeo



I am not easy to live with. I’ll be the first to say it.
I can be insecure, immature, impatient.
I forget the shopping list, don’t always balance the checkbook,
And lose my temper more often than I care to admit.

And you. You can be unyielding in your thinking.
Work has an intrusive way of following you home.
You can’t find the keys that are exactly where you left them,
And you turn dogged persistence into an art form.

But I cry at “our” song, the one you make a point to request.
You say a certain word and we dissolve together in laughter.
My eyes find yours and you become the only person in the room. And that’s why,
Though we may be far from perfect, we are perfect for each other.

Theresa DeMeo

Thoughts and prayers


It’s become rote to offer thoughts and prayers
In the wake of tragedies which are occurring
With dreadful, blood-chilling frequency.

I know it’s meant well, meant to comfort.
A crumb to seize on. Something to do
While we look on, broken and helpless.

The problem with thoughts is they don’t always
Remain on the subject. They stray into darkness.
Fantasies of revenge. Dangerous territory.

The problem with prayers is to whom to direct them.
Whose deity is the one? All of them, or none?
That’s assuming someone is even listening.

I don’t know. I have no suggestions, no answers.
Just sick that yet another horror has befallen us
With the need for still more thoughts and prayers.

Theresa DeMeo

Give me a minute


Don’t second-guess when I have a hard day
Don’t tell me the things I don’t want you to say
Not when I’ve made it abundantly clear
That they are the last things that I need to hear.

Let me weep for a minute. Tears need no reply
It’s a gift to be able to have a good cry
It passes much faster with someone who knows
It won’t last forever, it just comes and goes.

I’ll take it all in and process it all
But not as I’m struggling back up from a fall
In time, not right now. My promise to you
Is to gladly do likewise when you need it too.

Theresa DeMeo